Welcome to MusoMagic Outback Tracks Video Training centre.

Here you will learn a bit about how to film your own awesome segment for Outback Tracks.

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Step One: Preparation

Before you start filming or editing, you need to plan your shoot. When working with video, remember:

“Nothing ever goes to plan, but nothing happens without planning!”

  1. Choose your subject
    – Who are you going to interview?
    – Where will you interview them?
    – What questions will you ask? (Use our helpful Interview Questions guide to help)
  2. Script you introduction
    – Use our handy Introduction Script Planner┬áto write your script.
    – Memorise your script so you don’t have to read it off the page.
    – Practice saying your script so it has energy and enthusiasm.
Step Two: Filming
  1. Film the separate sections for your video, sticking to our handy Filming Tips guide:
    – Introduction
    – Establishing Shots
    – Wide Angle
    – Close-ups
    – Dirty TwoUse our handy Interview Filming Tips guide for an explanation on these shots. We can edit them all together later on, so make them separate shots (Start and Stop on each section).You may want to record the whole interview a few times from different angles to edit together later. Alternatively you may wish to plan your shots carefully, and stop and start the interview to reset your filming angle. Either way, try and get a variety of angles on the interview so you can edit them together later on.
  2. After shooting the interview, try and get some action shots of your subject doing something interesting. You can edit this into the video later.Remember: Shoot as much footage as you like. You don’t want to find out later that you don’t have enough footage for your video.
    Remember: Likewise, if you have ten hours of footage, the editing process can be quite lengthy. Shoot smart and plan!


Step Three: Wrap Up

Once you have completed filming your interview, it’s time for a wrap-up.

  1. Script your Wrap-Up
    – Use our Wrap-up Scripting Guide to help you
    – Memorise your wrap-up so you don’t need to read it.
    – Practice your wrap-up so you can deliver it with energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Film your Wrap-Up
    Use the same shots you learned from the interview. Wide and Close-up angles will work best.
Edit Your Footage

For this tutorial we will use iMovie for iPad. If you don’t already have this on your iPad, it available as a free download on the Apple App Store.

  1. Open iMovie
  2. Select “Projects”, and click the “+” button to create a new project.
  3. Select “Movie”
  4. Make sure “Select” is enabled, then click on the videos from your collection you would like to work with. You can add more later, so maybe just select the ‘Establishment’ shots to begin with. Once you’ve selected the clips you want, click “Create Movie” to get started.
  5. Now it’s time to trim your clips. This means to delete part of the start and end of each clip. Clip on the clip you want to trim. It will turn yellow, and open up some options down the bottom. Next click and drag the top corner of the clip to change where it starts and ends. Do this for all the shots you have imported so far.
  6. Once your clips are in, we need to look at how they transition from one shot to the next. Click on the transition button between the clips to bring up a menu. Then choose the type of transition, and the length you’d like it to go for. Play around with different transitions and lengths to see what suits the clip.
  7. Add more videos to your Project by clicking on the + button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open the “Content Browser”. You can browse the content in your iPad library and add from “Recently Added”. Select the clip(s) you want, and click the “+” button.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have a completed clip. Your clip order should look something like:
    Outback Tracks Logo (this is available for download under the resources section of this page)
    – Establishing Shot
    – Introduction
    – Establishing Shot
    – Interview Shots (a combination of Wide, Closeup, Dirty Two)
    – Action shot if you have one
    – Wrap-up
    Outback Tracks Logo
  9. Balance the audio of the sections by clicking each clip and selecting “Volume” from the edit menu.
  10. Try adding some music to your clip by selecting “Audio” in the content browser. If it’s too loud when the interview starts, try “Trimming” it, and using the “Fade” tool to slowly turn the volume down.
  11. When you are finished, click “Done” in the left hand corner of your screen. Click on the Title of your film to change it, and play it in full screen by clicking the screen icon.
  12. Like all good film makers, you should make some notes about what you did and didn’t like about your movie. Have a think about what felt good, and what looked bad. Was there a slow or boring moment that you could cut? Was the transition too long? Click on “Edit” to go back in and make some changes.
  13. Think your movie is perfect? Click the “Share” button to send us a copy (chris@musomagic.com). If the MusoMagic likes your video enough, we might even feature it on our Facebook page so you can have your first published movie!


You can download any of the above links by right clicking the name of the file, and selecting “Save As”. Alternatively, just click the link and it will open in a new tab. Then you can save the file as required.